Advantages and disadvantages of hydraulic system

Hydraulic system have many advantages but it has some disadvantages also. Hydraulic system can handle more power than pneumatic system and hydraulic system is widely used in all over the world. There is list of hydraulic system advantages and disadvantages is below.

Advantages of Hydraulic system

1. Easy to control the hydraulic system to accelerate and decelerate, Instant stop and running and accuracy is very good.
2. Heavy weight controlling capability through a small components.
3. Hydraulic motor and pump can be installed under water.
4. Fast forward and reverse capability.

5. Single pump can control multiple actuators and hydraulic motors.
6. Hydraulic system has No short circuit possibility.
7. Due to Overflow, over pressure have no risk. System is always safe because of hydraulic safety relief valves.
8. Less system failure.
9. Easy to find out malfunctions.
10. Compaq size of hydraulic system.
11. Easy Installation.
12. Easy to maintenance.
13. Less maintenance cost.

Disadvantages of Hydraulic system

1. Oil leakages is the main disadvantages of hydraulic system
2. contamination is the causes of hydraulic system failure and damages
3. Hydraulic oil losses viscosity for excessive overheat of the
4. Components speed can be vary for the selection of hydraulic oil grade.

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