What is crane? Types of industrial cranes and their uses

What is crane?

Crane is an equipment that is used to lift and lower the loads horizontally or vertically  using pulley, wire ropes and mechanism. It is most commonly used in construction work and manufacturing industries. Most of the crane are installed temporary or mounted on the vehicles for lifting loads. Crane can control remotely,lever or push buttons. Today we will be also discussed about the types of industrial cranes

Cranes are equipped with pulley, cables, Hydraulic system and electrical system and developed with advance mechanism system.Typically Cranes are powered by engines, motors and hydraulic. First crane is discovered in ancient Greece.  

There are many types of crane uses in industrial, automobile and construction farm. Usually types of crane is used depending on their application of uses. 

Types of industrial cranes

  • Tower crane 

  • Vehicle mounted crane 

  • Mobile crane

  • Telescopic crane 

  • Bridge crane /Overhead crane 

  • Aerial cranes 

  • Level-luffing crane

  • Crawler crane

  • Gantry crane

Tower crane

Tower crane


Tower cranes are common equipment for construction works. It can rise up to hundreds of feet from the ground.Tower crane consists of a counterweight,counter jib,operator cab, jib, trolley, hock and supporting wire. 

    • Base is an important part of the crane, It’s holds the entire crane anchor in a place. 

    • Counterweight made with concrete that balance the crane and for lifting loads.

    • Mast is a square shaped structure that keeps the crane in a certain height. A couple of mast is connected to make the height of crane.

    • Operator cab is installed on the top of the mast and the top mast can rotate 360 degrees.Operator operates the crane sitting inside the cab. 

    • Tower crane jib is a triangular structure which is used to carry the loads horizontally along with the axis. 

    • Counter jib is placed from the center to the end of the counterweight in a single side and connected to the mast. 

    • Tower crane trolley that carry the loads from the end center of the crane to the last of the jib. 

  • Slewing unit stay at the top of the mast and equipped with gear and motor connected with swing ring that rotates the crane. 

  • Chain & hook is controlled by the hoisting mechanism and pick up the loads and transfer it to the destination. 

Vehicle\Truck mounted crane

Vehicle Mounted crane


Vehicle mounted crane is also be called a traveler crane. It does not require any permanent mounting or foundation and it can stabilize anywhere with its expandable Outriggers which can level the crane for lifting loads.This crane mounted in the rubber wheels truck that's why it can move faster than other cranes.

Mobile crane

Mobile cranes are mounted on the rubber wheeled or crawler based vehicle having with telescopic boom. Booms are hinged to the platform which can rise and lowered by cables or hydraulic cylinders. The Outriggers of the crane which can level the crane for lifting loads.It can move quickly in less time.

Telescopic crane 

In a telescopic crane, a  boom arrangement that consists of number of tubes that extend or retract by hydraulic cylinder using hydraulic system  to adjust the required height as it needs. 

It is commonly used in waterside for handling the boats.

Bridge crane

Overhead crane


Bridge crane is also known as overhead crane. It is most commonly used in manufacturing industries for lifting heavy loads  where time savings and good efficiency is required. It consists of parallel runway having with a bridge and also have hoist mechanism set on a trolley that can move along with the beam.  

Aerial crane

Aerial crane


Aerial crane is also called a sky crane. This crane is developed with the helicopter. In the area where no vehicles can reach there aerial crane is used. Lifting equipment like wire and cables are used to lifting and lowering the loads.

Level-luffing crane

Level luffing crane

Level-luffing cranes are commonly used in shipyard for loading and unloading the ships. In this crane jib will move the hook away from the crane to carry the load. Where needed precise operation for material handling this crane is also be used. 

Crawler crane

Crawler crane


Crawler crane is developed with mobile crane having with crawler instead of wheeled or rubber tire truck. Crawler crane are very stable for its broad base and such a lot of weight. It is most commonly used the area where wheeled vehicles are not suitable for use.

Gantry crane

Gantry crane is a little different form a bridge crane. Gantry crane has two travelling legs that can move along with a track which is installed on the floor and equipped with a hoisting mechanism. It is most commonly used in workshop to lift heavy loads. It is often found in the area of ports and shipyards. People always like it because of its flexibility and mobility.

This all about the types of industrial cranes.

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