Common car gearbox problems and causes of gearbox problems?

Common car gearbox problems
Gear box is a devices that transfers the engine power and torque to the drive load. It is present between the between the engine and the drive load.A problem in the gear box means the problem in the transmission of power to the final drive. Gear box repairs can be costly. So, it is necessary to understand the gear box problems to avoid them. Some of the common car gearbox problems along with their causes are listed below.

Lack of acceleration response

In this problem, the driver will notice that the car transmission systems delay the acceleration pic after shifting the required gears. If the transmission is manual acceptable delay range is one second. If the car speed is not increasing but the rpm of the shaft increases, it will be a problem that needed to be resolved immediately. Common causes for lack of acceleration response are listed below. 
  1. Faulty clutch component
  2. Damaged clutch plates
  3. Damaged clutch springs
  4. Damaged master cylinder
  5. Air bubbles in the fluid linings
  6. Collective parts damage

Gearbox oil leakage (common car gearbox problems)

If you see oil leakage from your car it may be a gear box problem and need to be fixed because fluid leakage will decrease lubrication. Common causes for gearbox oil leakage are listed below.
  1. Fault in the lube oil storage pan
  2. Seal breaking
  3. High oil level than required.
  4. Gap in transmission
  5. Leak in fluid lines
  6. Low fluid creates the friction in transmission system. 

Vibrating car with grinding sound while gear shifting

If the driver observes a grinding sound accompanied with car vibrating while shifting gears it means, there is problem with the gear box. Common causes for Vibrating car with grinding sound while gear shifting are listed below.
  1. Damaged clutch plates
  2. Gear synchronization problem
  3. Gear teeth chipping
  4. Inappropriate lubrication

Gears slipping (common car gearbox problems)

In this problem, the gear slip while the driver is shifting gears when he accelerated the vehicle. The gear may slip to the previous gear or to the neutral gear. Common causes for gears slipping are listed below.
  1. Torque converter failing
  2. Damaged shift fork
  3. Chipped gear teeth
  4. Insufficient lubrication
  5. Burn out fluid
  6. Leakage in transmission fluid
  7. Worn out transmission band 

Burning smell

In this problem, the driver will smell the lubricating oil burning while shifting gears. Common causes for burning smell are listed below.
  1. Transmission fluid overheating
  2. Inappropriate lubrication

Problem in shifting gears

In this problem, the gear stick and does not change. However normal requirement for gear shifting is that it should respond to the gear shifting with no delay. But if driver face this problem it means that gear box is not responding to the gear shifting lever. Common causes for problem in shifting gears are listed below.
  1. Clutch linkage not working well
  2. Worn out clutch cable
  3. For automatic transmission problem may be in electronics
  4. Blocked shifting mechanism
  5. Low fluid in cylinder

Common car gearbox problems


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