What is car coolant? types of car coolant and purpose of using coolant

types of car coolant

What is Coolant?

Coolant is the type of liquid is poured into the radiator. Car or vehicles engine use pump the coolant from the radiator cycling it through the cooling lines into the engine block and also back into that radiator. This process helps to keep the engine cool at require temperature.types of car coolant
Glycol is primary ingredient in antifreeze. Most of the vehicles in modern generation is used green coolant which contains this glycol ethanol. But some times other companies like Toyota use red coolant which is simply green antifreeze with a red color. There are another types of antifreeze which is known as Dex cool. Hence only the large car company use Dexcool in the vehicles. It should be say that every coolant use glycol ethanol. 

How coolant works types of car coolant

Car coolant is located inside the reservoir tank attached to the radiator. Coolant uses in car through liquid cooling system which made with several components. Firstly water pump circulates the coolant through the system and radiator handle heat away from coolant. Fan helps to pull the air through the radiator if the vehicles speeds is slower. And coolant temperature is maintain by the thermostat.

Types of coolant uses in car

Organic Acid Technology (OAT): It does not contains phosphates and silicates and provides less protection of your car engine. It should be replaced after 150000 miles.

Inorganic Acid Technology (IAT): This coolant is bright green and used silicates and phosphates for reducing wear in engine parts. This coolant should be change after 30000 miles.

Hybrid Organic Acid Technology (HOAT): This coolant is mix with corrosion inhibitors and OAT. Its available in multiple colors and should be replaced after 150000 miles.
Generally auto manufacturers recommend the coolant types you will used in your car. 

Purpose of using coolant

1. Coolant helps to keep engine cool in hot weather.
2. Stops freezing up in winter season
3. Prevents corrosion of engine
4. Prevents boiling

types of car coolant

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