Hire an auto cad designer in Bangladesh I Professional cad service in Bangladesh I Hire solid works engineer in Bangladesh

Hire solid works engineer in Bangladesh, Professional cad service in Bangladesh

Welcome to our website. Sometimes many industries and small company looking for designer for their part time works. Yes you are the right place. If you want to hire a Auto cad designer in Bangladesh then you can just pick your phone and call us. We have professional solid works engineer. In Bangladesh we are the first and professional service agency. If anyone need cad designer and get informed by website or contact details we make a schedule and go the place for customer requirement.

It is really rear to found who are looking for solid works designer in Bangladesh but we are always available for you. When a person can perform any cad design for any project or industrial requirement then according to satisfaction the agency get hired again and again. You think you are looking for cad designer in Bangladesh with the cheaper price then you can reach with us. We can give you both Auto cad service and solid works service in Bangladesh.  

What can we do for you?

  • Machinery and spare parts design.
  • Knife design and circular saw design.
  • Industrial roller like rubber roller, chrome roller and any types you want.
  • All types of shaft design.
  • All types of Mechanical design.
  • Customized parts design.
  • All types of parts and assembly design.
  • Commercial items design.

How we work:

  • If you get hired us then we will go to your place.
  • According to your design I will make a invoice for you as offer price.
  • You have to pay 50% before starting the order.
  • If you accept, we will take all dimensions and prepare drawing for you according to your needs.
  • Finally, I will confirm the delivery dates and I will sent you for checking and confirmation.
  • If you accept then you have to pay rest payment.

You can work us with a commitment and can give you part time service through online and offline. You can order us continuously and we can do best as you needs.

Contact details:

Mob: +8801719360735
Whats app/Wechat
Mail: airandhydraulicweb@gmail.com

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