Car engine lubrication system and components of lubrication system

engine lubrication system

Engine Lubrication system

If two metallic part come to each another while moving it creates friction and generates heats. Due to this direct contact of moving parts they get damaged.if lubricating film separates moving parts then they do not come to physical contact.As an example of lubrication is used as Liquid (Oil). Engine lubrication system

What does lubrication do

  • Reduces damages of moving parts
  • Engine parts get cooling effect from lubrication.
  • Reduce power losses from friction.
  • Less vibration due to lubrication
  • Lubrication system reduce excess heat from engine.
  • It maintain the constant operating temperature

Lubrication parts name

  • Bearing and camshafts
  • Crankshaft bearings
  • Piston pins and bushes
  • Valves
  • Parts of Oil pump
  • Tappets
  • Push rods
  • Bearings of water pump
  • Wall of cylinder or cylinder bore
  • Timing gears
  • Fuel injection pumps bearing
  • And all other moving parts inside the engine.

Engine lubrication system components

Oil pump: Oil pump is the main part of the engine for circulating lubrication inside the the engine. Oil is supplied by the oil pump through the oil filter. If pump is blocked by foreign particles the engine get a big damaged from it. Every oil pump has strainer and also a bypass valve. To extend engine life should use good filter and particles free lubrication.

Oil pan: Oil pan is a reservoir that contains engine oil and its circulation around the engine. it setup bottom of the engine. If engine is stop the oil stores in the oil pan.

Oil galleries: For longer engine life engine oil or lubrication oil should reaches into the moving parts of the engine. Every engine consist of oil galleries with the engine. Oil galleries are connected in series passage and supply oil into the parts of the engine.

Oil cooler: Engine oil needs to cool down which is overheated by the engine. Radiator helps to cool the engine oil or lubrication in require temperature through the flowing air into the radiator. Oil cooler is most commonly used in high performance vehicle. For better performance modern cars used oil cooler system for better engine performance.

Types of Engine lubrication system

There are main two types of engine lubrication system used in vehicles.
  1. Wet sump: Wet sump setup into the bottom of the engine. It is very easy to repair and easy to build with the car. Most of the car used wet sump lubrication system.

  2. Dry sump: Some advanced and higher performance car is used dry sump system. It has no fixed location to setup. It can be setup anywhere else in the engine. Due to dry sump system engine can sit lower position and provides center of gravity and improves the stability of speed.

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