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Classification of bearings,

What is bearing? Classification of bearing and bearing lubrication Oil Vs Grease

What is bearing?  Bearing is the most important element of industrial machinery equipment and automobiles. Bearings reduce the friction between two rotating and linear equipment and enhance the speed and efficiency. Bearings are classified according...
components of pelton turbine

What is Pelton Turbine? How does it works I Components of Pelton Turbine

At present, hydroelectric power plants are used in almost all countries of the world to produce a lot of electricity.  But the currents and depths of water are not equal in all places.  Therefore,...
Types of maintenance

What is maintenance? Types of maintenance I Preventive maintenance I Corrective maintenance

Maintenance is the couple of tasks that are applied to the machine to reduce unwanted breakdown or failure due to malfunctions. Maintenance can be done before the machine failure or after the failure based...
Car suspension system

What is car suspension and how does it work? Types of suspension system?

Car suspension is the system that lifts the car on wheels and allows the relative movement between the car and the wheel. Car suspension system is combination of dampers, springs, tires and mechanical linkages...
Water cooled chiller

What is chiller how they work? Types of chiller I Air cooled chiller

Chiller can be defined as a machine which is used to decrease the temperature of the working area by removing heat to maintain certain process temperature. Chillers find its applications in various industries like...

What is HVAC system? Types of HVAC system? Components of HVAC system

HVAC is the combination of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. HVAC is the system that maintains the required surrounding environmental conditions for the desired area.Components of HVAC system It tempers the local conditions...
common car gearbox problems

Common car gearbox problems and causes of gearbox problems?

Gear box is a devices that transfers the engine power and torque to the drive load. It is present between the between the engine and the drive load.A problem in the gear box means...
Water Cooling System

Car cooling system and types of cooling system.Water & Air cooling system

Car cooling system is a system to control and lower the temperature of the car engine. It maintains the optimum temperature for the engine and removes heat from the engine. It cools the engine...
Basic pneumatic system

Basic pneumatic system? Components of pneumatic system

What is pneumatic system?  Pneumatic system is about the same as hydraulic system. Only the difference is medium that uses in the system like air and fluid. Pneumatic system uses compressed air instead of fluid....
Air compressor

What is a compressor? Types of the compressor and definition

(What is compressor?Types of compressor) Compressor can be defined as a device that increases the pressure of the gasses by compressing them in an enclosed chamber.As gasses are compressible, the compressor also reduces its volume. ...