What is hydraulic system and how it works

Hydraulic system

What is hydraulic system?

Hydraulic system is the system that’s important role is to convert the electrical power to mechanical power. This system is safe and more comfortable to use in industrial machinery.

Hydraulic pump
3.Hydraulic pump

Electrical motor rotates the hydraulic pump and it’s creates flow of fluid (Hydraulic oil wd-46/64) and then pressure relief valve produces the system required pressure. Fluid flow direction is control by the directional valves and actuator works as following the valve directions.

Hydraulic pressure relief valve
6.Hydraulic pressure relief valve

The system design depends on the working principle of the machine. Some common hydraulic equipment requires to design a basic hydraulic system is the list is below:

Components of hydraulic system 

    1. Oil tank
    2. Electrical motor/Engine
    3. Hydraulic pump.Three types of pumps are commonly used in hydraulic system
      A) Fixed displacement pump
      B) Variable displacement pump
      C) Hand pump : Hand pump is manual operating pump. it can be foot or hand)
    4. Hydraulic motors
    5. Hydraulic cylinder
    6. Pressure relief valves.
    7. Directional control valves-Check valves,Spool directional control valve
    8. Pressure control valves- Pressure relief valves,Pressure reducing valves,Sequence valves, Counterbalance valve.

      Check valve /Non return valve
      Check valve /Non return valve
    9. Flow control valves.
    10. Pressure gauge.
    11. Proportional valves
    12. Oil cooler.
    13. Hydraulic block


How hydraulic system works?

Here Electrical motor rotates the hydraulic pump. Hydraulic pump creates flow of liquid. Pressure relief valve creates pressure and release the extra pressure to keep the system safe. Directional control valves control the direction of fluid. Check valve allow the flow of hydraulic fluid to one direction and prevent the revers flow of the hydraulic

Oil cooler
12. Oil cooler

fluid. Flow control valve control the flow of hydraulic fluid. As an example the system pressure is 100kg and need 50kg to control a particular cylinder should set up a flow control valve to the system. Pressure gauge will show the available hydraulic pressure. Air cooler will keep the temperature down to prevent from system overheat. Hydraulic valves are setup to the hydraulic block.


Hydraulic Block
13. Hydraulic Block





Hydraulic systems components

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