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Solenoid valve port and position

Port and position of the directional control valve

Port and position of the directional control valve.Today's lesson is all about all about understanding the directional control valve port and position. What is...
Pneumatic Actuator

What is an actuator and how it works

An actuator is a device that converts energy to linear motion or rotary motion that is operated electrically, manually and by air or fluids.
Inline check valve

What is non return valve or check valve? Types of check valve

What is non return valve or check valve? Non return valve or check valve is a one-way valve that allow one-way flow and prevent the...
4 way hydraulic directional control valve

Hydraulic directional control valve components-Directional valve Body parts

Hydraulic directional control valve is used to control actuators and also their directions. There are several types of directional valve (DCV valve) in hydraulic...
Hydraulic cylinder

Hydraulic cylinder I Hydraulic cylinder speed calculation

Hydraulic Cylinder Hydraulic cylinder is a linear actuator which extend forward and retract backward to transfer power by pressurized hydraulic fluid. Hydraulic cylinder is widely...
Hydraulic pump

Definition of pumps-All types of pumps definitions-Advantages and disadvantages

Definition of pumps-types of pumps definitions Pump is a device that is widely used in industrial and automobile’s applications. There are many types of pump...
Hydraulic jack

Hydraulic jack and Different types of Hydraulic jack

Hydraulic jack is a mechanical device that used to lift heavy weight. It is most commonly used in Automobile industries to lift the vehicles...
pressure control valve

Pressure control valves and types of Pressure control valves

Pressure control valves are widely used in every hydraulic system to keep the system safe and offers multiple functions to maintain equipment smoothly. Three...
Heat exchanger-Oil cooler

Hydraulic cooling system

Hydraulic cooling system.Air cooling system and water cooling system. Heat damages the hydraulic system. Air cooler and water cooler
Hydraulic system

What is hydraulic system and how it works

What is hydraulic system? Hydraulic system is the system that’s important role is to convert the electrical power to mechanical power. This system is safe...