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What is Diaphragm pump? Types of Diaphragm pump

What is Diaphragm pump? Diaphragm pump is a fluid transportation equipment. Compressed gas is used as a power source of this pump. It can transfer...
Gear and gear types

Gear and gear types

Gear is a cylindrical teeth arrangement that transmit rotating power from driving shaft to driven shaft. there are different types of gear
Power steering system

What is power steering? Electric & Hydraulic power steering system

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); What is power steering?  Power steering is an automotive equipment or device that helps to turning...
Fire tube boiler

What is boiler? Classification of Boiler, Mounting and accessories

A boiler is an closed vessel that produce steam from water utilizing combustion of oil or gases.Hot water or steam circulated inside the pipe...

What is ball valve? Types of ball valves

Ball Valves Ball valve is used to control the flow of fluids, Air and gases which open or close when turn the handle 90 degree.Ball...
types of industrial crane

What is crane? Types of industrial cranes and their uses

What is crane? Crane is an equipment that is used to lift and lower the loads horizontally or vertically  using pulley, wire ropes and mechanism....
Pump failure causes

Pump failure causes I Hydraulic pump-Fuel pump-Water pump failure

Pump failure It is difficult to say the exact reason of pump failure. The most common reason of pump failure can be the leakages. There...
Rotary union

What is rotary union? Types of rotary union & Components

Rotary union is a type of rotating couplings that transfer fluids like steam, water, air and oil from stationary source to a rotary equipment...
Quick exhaust valve

What is quick exhaust valve? Application of quick exhaust valve

Quick exhaust valve is a device that enhances the speed of pneumatic cylinder in extend or retract cycle.Usually it is used for pneumatic applications...
Timing belt

What is timing belt? Timing belt types & Reasons for timing belt replacement

Timing belt is used in the internal combustion engine or machines and rotates shafts synchronously  to operate the engine or machine properly. It is...