What is ball valve? Types of ball valves

types of ball valve

Ball Valves

Ball valve is used to control the flow of fluids, Air and gases which open or close when turn the handle 90 degree.Ball valve consists of perfect sealing system that’s why no leakage found when it is fully closed.These valves does not resist the flow of fluids and gases when it is fully opened.It is installed in high pressure liquids and gas lines. It can be operated manually or automatically.Types of ball valves
Two-way ball valves are most commonly used that allows the flow linearly from inlet to outlet. There are also three way and four way valves used in many applications that allows for flow in  multiple directions.


Types of Ball valves

Valves can be classified according to body style

Single pieces valve, two pieces valve and three piece valve. The valves difference is based on the pieces of the valve though the valve operation is the same in every condition.

Single pieces valve: Usually these types of valve used in low cost applications. These valves are made with two parts, welded or pressed which are enclosed the ball. Body cannot be separated for maintenance.

Two pieces valves: Two pieces valve can be  separated for maintenance and repair and they are connected to each other with threads .

Three pieces valves: There pieces valves are assembled with three parts and they are connected with each other.

According to ball design

Reduced port valve: Most commonly used ball valve are reduced bore valve which is known as a reduced bore valve.Due to reduced bore the flow path restrict the flow in resulting it occurs the friction losses to the system.
Reduced port valve:

Full port ball valve: In the full port ball valve bore size as same as the pipe bore size in resulting no friction losses occur in the system.

V port valve: This types of ball valve seat or ball designed like V that's why it is called V port ball valve. Where the controlled flow require,these valves are used. Mainly V port ball valve is used for percentage flow for different types of application. 
Trunnion mounted ball valve: The ball of trunnion port valves are supported in the top and bottom to decrease the loads of the seat rings. Typically, these valves are designed to handle  large pressure and most valves are largest in diameter.
Trunnion mounted ball valve

Floating ball valve (ball valve float): Two sealing seats are available in floating ball valve and it can rotate inside the seat ring. Due to good sealing system, valves are most commonly used to natural gas and oil pipeline system. The advantages of easy to operate, small installation space and easy to maintenance.
Floating ball valve

Ball Valves construction material

Most commonly used material for construction of ball valve is brass, stainless steel and PVC.

Brass ball valves: Valves which are made by brass has good mechanical properties and it is used for drinking water, gas and oil piping system.

Brass ball valves

Stainless steel ball valves: Stainless steel ball valve are more corrosion resistance than brass ball valve. It’s also have higher pressure ratings than the brass ball valve. These ball valves are most commonly used in industrial or water applications.

Stainless steel ball valves

PVC ball valves/Plastic ball valve: PVC ball valve is a plastic shut off valve and it is used where the acids,corrosive chemicals and water flow in the piping system. This valve has not been designed for high temperature. It is cost efficient and less weight valve. This valve installation, cleaning and replacing is very easy and long service life.

Plastic ball valve

Automatic ball valves/ Electric ball valve: Automatic ball valves are operated by an electric actuator that rotates the ball.  A reducing gear mechanism and electric motor is installed an electric actuator. Automatic ball valve saves time and can operate several valves at once but it is costly. It is also known as motorized ball valve/actuated ball valve.

Electric ball valve

There are also used 3 way ball valve, 1” ball valve,2 inch ball valve, gas ball valve,4 inch ball valve,water ball valve used in industrial piping system.

Types of ball valves

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