What is Diaphragm pump? Types of Diaphragm pump

What is Diaphragm pump?

Diaphragm pump is a fluid transportation equipment. Compressed gas is used as a power source of this pump. It can transfer flammable, drastically, volatile, poisonous liquid and high viscosity fluids.

Types of diaphragm pumps

Air operated double diaphragm pumps

When pump create pulse, fluids enter into the damper and compressed air remains inside the damper. Fluids keeps inside the damper until the air pressure is normal. If compressed gas expands the fluids are forces to go to the system piping.

Remote control diaphragm pumps

Remote control diaphragm pump is a smartphone control diaphragm pump. Smartphone can on or off the pump if needed and one person can control multiple pumps.

Electric diaphragm pumps

The main difference between Electric diaphragm pump and air-operated diaphragm pump that’s Electric diaphragm pump uses an electric drive instead of compressed air. Electric diaphragm pumps diaphragm moved mechanically from left to right thus the back and forth motion forces the liquid to discharge port. Mechanically moving creates the smooth pulsations of the liquid flow.

Electric diaphragm pumps (Huskey series)

The Huskey brand pump is most popular pump for their advantages. This pump can running dry & self priming.Huseky pump efficincy is more than ari driven pump.Main advanatages of pumps is low maintenance cost and low pulsation.

Sanitary pneumatic diaphragm pumps

Usually sanitary pneumatic diaphragm is used in  Foods,cosmetics,poultry and pharmaceutical industry. This type of pump flow rate is up to 40gpm. This pump transfer food ingredients, concentrate liquid & sandwich for production unit. These pumps are made with highly polished  stainless steel,swivel mounting,leak detection kit and oil free air valve system.

Powder diaphragm pumps

Powder diaphragm pump can transfer dry process powder faster. The pump can transfer process powder with specific weight up to 721 kgs per cubic meter. Transfer capability depends on the particles size and bulk density of the powder.

Manual diaphragm pumps

Manual pump is operated by hand lever connected with the pump body and diaphragm. This pump can complete 30 stroke per minute. These pumps are most commonly used in sewage collection,Oil collection and holding tanks.


  1. Used to transfer Acid, solvents and alkalis in chemical industries.

  2. Transfer soft sediments, lime milk, and waste water in water treatment plant.

  3. Using in food industry to transfer Chocolate, Salt water, Syrup, vegetable oil and honey.

  4. Used in Pharmaceutical’s industries to transfer acids and other liquid drags.

  5. Used in paper manufacturing industries to transfer fluid like resins, paints and adhesives.

  6. Used in paint in Automotive industry,construction,furniture,Beverage and textile industry, to transfer oil,coolant and varnish.

Accessories of diaphragm pumps

Pulsation Dampeners: Normal diaphragm are used pulsation dampeners to reduce pressure fluctuation and it can eliminate material pulsation and hydraulic shock.

Filter regulator with lubricators: Filter regulator is an important device for diaphragm pump that helps to precision control of pump and remove contamination from air.

Mounting brackets: Mounting brackets are installed to hold or clamping the pump.

Liquid level controller: It determines the level of liquid. Some automatic liquid level controller automatically switches the pump on or off based on the set level of liquids.

Vibration isolators: Vibration isolators are used to reduce the mechanical vibration and stress in the mounting system.

Ball valve: Ball valve are installed in the pneumatic pipeline to connect or disconnect the air supply with the pump.

Advantages of diaphragm pumps

  •         Diaphragm pumps are self-priming.

  •         Flow rates are variable.

  •         Can transfer high viscous fluids.

  •         Dry running capability.

  •         Can Transfer particles contained fluid

  •         Easy to maintenance.

Common Spare parts of Diaphragm pumps

  • Diaphragm

  • Ball

  • Ball seat

  • Silencer

  • Central shaft

  • Buffer

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