Fire tube boiler vs water tube boiler

Fire tube boiler vs water tube boiler

Today's lessons will be discussed about difference between fire tube boiler and water tube boiler that means Fire tube boiler vs water tube boiler. Usually two types of boiler is most commonly used in many industries and power generation.


Fire tube

Water tube


In the fire tube boiler hot flue gases flow inside the boiler and water flow surrounded the tube.

In the water tube boiler flue gases flow outside the tube and water go through inside the tube.
2Fire tube boilers are low pressure or medium pressure boiler.Water tube boilers are high pressure boiler.
3Boiler pressure range between 20-25 bar (Low pressure) and for medium pressure boiler pressure range about 25-80 bar. Boiler pressure is up to 80 bar.
4Fire tube boiler steam production rate is less than water tube boiler.Water tube boiler generates steam 3000kg/Hr Or more.
5It says Internally fired boiler.It says Externally fired boiler.
6Need more installation spaceNeed less space for installation than Fire tube boiler.
7Less skilled operator can operate this boiler.High skilled operator requires.
8Cleaning and repairing is so many difficult.Cleaning and repairing is very easy.
9Fire tube construction Is difficultWater tube construction is very simple.
10Fire tube boiler efficiency is less than water tube boiler.Water tube boiler efficiency is very good.
11Maintenance cost is very high and daily inspection require for boiler. Comparable maintenance cost is low.
12Transportation and erection is difficultTransportation and erection is easy.
13Water circulation is not goodWater circulation is good.
14Low operating costHigh operating cost
15Fire tube boiler is light weightWater tube boiler is heavy weight.
16Usually small power plants used fire tube boiler.Usually large power plant used water tube boiler.
17Locomotive boiler, Lancashire boiler & Cochran Boiler.Benson boiler, Wilcox boiler, Babcock Boiler.

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