What is Two Stroke Engine? Main parts of Two Stroke Engine

components of Two Stroke Engine

What is Two Stroke Engine?

Two stroke engine is a simple internal combustion engine. It helps to perform a single cycle with only two piston strokes. Two stroke engine is the opposite of four stroke engine. A number of outdoor power equipment still uses two stroke engines.

The name of the two strokes are
  1. Compression or Suction Stroke
  2. Exhaust or Power Stroke

What are the main parts of Two Stroke Engine?

parts of Two Stroke Engine
The basic parts of the two stroke engines are
  1. Piston
  2. Crankcase
  3. Crankshaft
  4. Cylinder
  5. Exhaust Port
  6. Connecting Rod
  7. Transfer Port
  8. Inlet Port

How does Tow Stroke Engine work?

How does Tow Stroke Engine work

The working process of two stroke engine generally follows these two steps

Compression or Suction Stroke: Firstly the piston goes to the top from the bottom. During this process, the parts remain covered. The charge of the piston makes it compressed the air-fuel mixture and then the mixture enters into the chamber. Due to compression, pressure and temperature of the mixture are jumped a bit. After that, the spark plug produces sparks to the fuel and ignition occurs. When crankshaft gets power through the connecting rod the piston goes down and opens the inlet port only. Space created in the chamber and again the mixture enters into the crankcase.

Exhaust or Power Stroke: In this phase, the piston moves down and the inlet port get closed. Because of the movement of the piston, some power comes out through the transfer port meanwhile exhaust gases also leave the cylinder.

Afterward, the piston head deflects the power into the cylinder. This process helps the exhaust port to push the remaining and burnt exhaust gases out. Then the whole procedure keeps repeat.

Applications of Two Stroke Engines

When people need less weighted, high power-to-weight ratio and mechanically simple engines then they give priority to two stroke engines. Some applications of this engine are-
  1. Outdoor motors
  2. Small capacity motorbikes
  3. Chainsaws
  4. Scooters
  5. Karts
  6. Model airplanes
  7. Mowers
  8. Garden equipment

Advantages and Disadvantages of Two Stroke Engines

Advantages of Two Stroke Engines
  1. For every revolution, it fires only once
  2. Two stroke engine has higher mechanical efficiency.
  3. It is very light in weight.
  4. The design of the engine is simple.
  5. The price of two stroke engines is reasonable.
  6. It has fewer parts and requires less space too.
  7. It can be operated in both directions.
Disadvantages of Two Stroke Engines
  1. It makes noise.
  2. This engine consumes more fuel.
  3. Thermal efficiency is low.
  4. The engines require pre-mixing of oil and fuel.
  5. Two stroke engine is not environment friendly.
  6. It does not last long.
  7. The removal of exhaust gases is difficult.

parts of Two Stroke Engine

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