Hydraulic system maintenance and troubleshooting

Hydraulic system maintenance

Standard maintenance procedure 

  • Cleaning suction strainer periodically.
  • Filter element of return line should be changed after 100 hours and also 500 hours there after.
  • Taking oil sample and analysis it and checking the contamination level.
  • Keep spare parts for any emergency parts broken or failure.
  • Installing magnet inside the reservoir to collect ferrous particles.
  • Checking oil level periodically.
  • Should not reuse leakage oil that has leaked out.
  • Should use clean hoses, containers for refilling oil into the reservoir.

Hydraulic pressure problem and solutions

Problem causes: Relief valve pressure is too low.
Remedy: Adjust the pressure screw and set the required pressure.
Problem causes: If relief valve is open
Remedy: Check movement of piston by opening the relief valve. Also check the accurately poppet and seat. And check the orifice of piston due to blockage.
Problem causes: Oil is return to the tank.
Remedy: Check the directional valves and check valves properly working.
Problem causes: Internal leakage
Remedy: Inspect the Actuators leakage around it.
Problem causes: Wrong adjustment of regulator
Remedy: Check the setting and adjust by screwing adjusting screw.

No flow from pump

Problem causes: Pump rotating in reverse direction.
Remedy: Check the motor connection terminal or ensure the rotation direction.
Problem causes: Pump shaft not moving or rotating.
Remedy: Shaft key slot is damaged or coupling broken.
Problem causes: In a variable displacement pump set 0 delivery rate
Remedy: Again adjust the delivery rate.
Problem causes: Higher Oil viscosity.
Remedy: Select suitable viscosity oil grade.
Problem causes: Mounting position is too high.
Remedy: Keep 1 meter distance between pump inlet port and oil level of reservoir.
Problem causes: Revolution Per minute.
Remedy: Run pump at least minimum speed (RPM range).
Problem causes: Worn out.
Remedy: Replace the parts due to worn out.

Over temperature

Problem causes: Oil cooler efficiency is low
Remedy: Check air or water temperature. Clean strainer of heat exchanger connection area.
Problem causes: Low fluid level in reservoir.
Remedy: Fill the reservoir.
Problem causes: Wrong grade fluid is used
Remedy: Change the fluid and fill with correct grade fluid.
Problem causes: Pump pressure too high.
Remedy: Adjust the relief valve pressure and set the pressure as required to the system.

Excessive noise

Problem causes: Bubbles in the reservoir.
Remedy: Return oil line should be down and touch the ground of reservoir.
Problem causes: Pump creates noise
Remedy: Pump creates noise due to air in the system.Tightening the pipe fittings and inlet port of the pump.
Problem causes: Air leakage around the pump shaft seal
Remedy: Replace the pump shaft seal.
Problem causes: Suction strainer size is very low.
Remedy: It should set up the large size suction strainer.
Problem causes: Pump speed is very high
Remedy: Set the pump speed that is recommended by the manufacturers manual.
Problem causes: Misalignment coupling
Remedy: Correction the alignment of the coupling.
Problem causes: Noisy relief valve
Remedy: Readjust the pressure.

Oil leakages

Problem causes: Incompatible seal
Remedy: Seal should be change due to the chemical reactions.
Problem causes: Pressure ranges of seal is less than system pressure.
Remedy: Change the seal and set the good quality high pressure seal.
Problem causes: Pipe and fittings setup in misalignment's.
Remedy: Setup correctly pipe and fittings.
Problem causes: Seal is become hard due to long time use.
Remedy: Change the seal.
Problem causes: Incorrect thread.
Remedy: Use correct thread in the connection.

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Hydraulic system maintenance

Hydraulic system maintenance

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