How to maintenance chiller? Chiller maintenance tips

Chiller maintenance

Chillers are a type of process cooling equipment and it’s condition can be good  many years depending on your maintenance and care. In this topic I will cover how to maintain the chiller and keep the production plant running properly. Obviously should maintain the spare parts to reduce downtime of your chiller. Chiller maintenance

Here we have some tips to maintenance chiller

Cleaning condenser tubes: It is most important to clean condenser tubes regularly. Dirt,scale foreign particles which can degrade the heat transfer into the system tubes. Standard chiller maintenance has the tips to clean tubes by brushing to remove these materials. Clean tubes according to chiller maintenance schedule or once in a year.

Checking fluid system: Need better system performance it should check the fluid leakage, checking loose pipe fittings and also plumbing fittings. If you get any problems, repair it.

Maintain chilled water flow rate: Check the flow rate of income water and set the flow rate ranges 3 to 12 feet p/s. Low flow rate increases the efficiency of equipment. High flow rate may create vibration,noise etc. So, Maintaining Normal flow rate is another maintenance guide for the chiller.

Reduce water temperature:  If low temperature enters the chiller the equipment of the chiller will get more efficiency. For cool water less energy is used thus the chiller gets a longer lifetime.

Keep daily log: The daily record of the chiller will help you to understand the current condition of the chiller. Daily log includes the fluid level, temperature and flow rates. Keeping records will also help what you need to repair and replace. Overall you will know all information about chiller from daily log.

Maintain refrigerant charge: Refrigerant is the most important thing to the chiller heat transfer and release. Chiller manufacturers specify the required amount of refrigerant that needs to operate the chiller properly. If the refrigerant level is too low then it should be added at the standard level recommended by the manufacturers. So, It is important to check the refrigerant level and also check if there is any leakage.

Reduce Non-condensable material: Sometimes moisture and air can affect the low pressure chillers that’s why it should use a purge unit or chiller maintenance equipment to reduce or remove these non-condensable materials.Thus it enhances the efficiency and performance of the chiller.

Analyze compressor oil: It is important to analyze compressor oil once a year that’s why send a sample to the laboratory for spectrometric test analysis. Compressor oil (based on condition) can damage the compressor and purge unit. If found any moisture after chemical analysis which can resist the performance of the chiller.

Setup variable speed drivers: Installing variable speed drivers to the chiller saves the energy. Variable speed drivers reduce the vibration,mechanical shocks which enhance the efficiency of the chiller.

Adding water treatment chemical: Adding water treatment chemical to the condenser water will prevent the corrosion and build up scale to the condenser. After once a year check chilled water piping and loops according to the basis of problems. If you find any problems, start water treatment. After all, water treatment will enhance the efficiency of the chiller.

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