Definition of petrol engine and Diesel engine? Difference between petrol and diesel engine

petrol engine and Diesel engine

Definition of Petrol Engine

The first petrol engine was invented by Nikolaus August Otto in 1876 in Germany. It is an internal combustion engine that uses spark plugs to ignite the air-fuel mixture. This engine uses petrol or similar fuels. Petrol engine converts heat energy into kinetic energy or mechanical energy. The principle a petrol engine follows is named after the inventors’ name ‘Otto Cycle’. This engine is also known as gasoline engine.

Diesel engine
petrol engine and Diesel engine

Definition of Diesel Engine

In the year 1878, Rudolf Diesel first invented diesel engine. According to the inventors’ name the engine is named as ‘Diesel engine. An internal combustion engine that ignites fuel by compressing air to a fixed high pressure into the chamber is called a diesel engine.

Difference between petrol engine and diesel engine

Petrol EngineDiesel Engine
1.Petrol is used as fuel.1.Diesel is used as fuel.
2.Petrol engine uses spark plugs for  ignition.2.In diesel engine ignition occurs by heat compression.
3. It runs on the cycle called The Otto cycle.3.It works on diesel cycle principle.
4.It produces a very high speed.4.It is a low speed engine.
5.It consumes more fuel.5.It consumes less fuel.
6.Thermal efficiency is comparatively low.6.Thermal efficiency is high.
7.It is easy to start a petrol engine even in cold weather.7.Diesel engine is difficult to start in a cold weather.
8.This engine is lighter in weight.8.This engine is heavy.
9.It requires more frequent maintenance than a diesel engine.9.Frequently maintenance is not necessary.
10.Petrol is expensive.10. Diesel is not so expensive.
11.Controlling petrol is a little bit risky because it is highly volatile.11.Less volatile and not so risky to handle.
12.It is commonly used in lightweight vehicles, for example, motorcycles, cars, small aircraft, etc.12.It is mostly used in heavyweight vehicles, for example, buses, trucks, marine vehicles, etc.

Advantages of Petrol Engine

  1. Less Torque
  2. The price of petrol engines is reasonable.
  3. The maintenance cost is low.
  4. It does not produce any noise.
  5. This engine is environment friendly.
  6. Petrol can be found easily.
  7. It can accelerate quickly.
  8. The body parts of this engine are small and light.
  9. The engine burns cleanly.
  10. It does not require a very strong battery.
  11. Its’ construction is simple.

Disadvantages of Petrol Engine

  1. Petrol engine is less efficient.
  2. This engine is very reliable.
  3. Greater torque.
  4. Petrol does not provide good mileage.
  5. Its’ fuel economy is good.
  6. Diesel is powerful and safer to use.

Advantages of Diesel Engine petrol engine and Diesel engine

  1. Diesel engine is efficient.
  2. This engine is very reliable.
  3. Greater torque.
  4. Diesel offers better mileage.
  5. Its’ fuel economy is good.
  6. Diesel is powerful and safer to use.

Disadvantages of Diesel Engine

  1. It has large and heavy body parts.
  2. The maintenance cost is higher.
  3. It makes noise.
  4. It can’t start fast.
  5. This engine is not environment friendly.
  6. Diesel is not easily available everywhere.
  7. It needs big and strong battery support.
  8. Diesel engine is costly.
  9. The burning system is messy.
  10. The construction of the engine is complex.
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