Compressor maintenance tips and procedure and guidelines

Compressor maintenance tips

To ensure better performance and smooth running  and avoiding unexpected failure,it is most important to maintain routine maintenance of the compressor. Most of the owners often forget to maintain the compressor according to the manufacturers manuals. Proper maintenance will help you to save money,time and unusual cost and downtime.

Here we have some recommended  maintenance procedures for common types of compressor like reciprocating compressor, water-cooled compressor,centrifugal compressor and air cooled compressor.

Following manufacturers manual: When anyone purchases an air compressor for supplying compressed air to the plant he should follow the user manual to enhance the efficiency and for longer life of compressor. User manual will guide you to start to finish the operating and maintenance procedure of the air compressor. If you don’t follow the instruction of the manual you may lose your warranty.

Compressor oil change: It is necessary to check the compressor oil on a daily basis to ensure the compressor oil condition. And compressor oil should be changed after 500-1000 hours of running to get maximum performance and functionality of your compressor.

Air filter change: Checking the air filter is also most important because dirty air filters obstacle air allowing into the compressor. So it needs to check the air filter on a daily basis and if found build up of dirt around it just change the filter. Change the air filter according to the user manual or depending on the performance of the air filter.

Clean intake vents: Cleaning vent is also an important for air compressors to enhance better performance. That’s why check the intake vent and ensure it is clean or not depending on a dirty or dusty environment.

Replacing separator elements: Separator elements should check and replace periodically and it helps to prevent using excessive oil. For better functionality of your compressor,the separator element should change after 1000 hour running.

Checking belts: To boost your compressor you should check the belts. See the belt's cracks and surface and consider whether to change it or not. Damaged belts can not transmit more power and it loses the energy.

Inspect houses: Check or inspect the houses connected with the compressor. If found any damage or cracked replace it as soon as possible. Leakage increases the cost and loses the energy.

Compressor shut down system: Auto shut down system may save your compressor from major damages. If the compressor gets too hot, low engine oil level, auto shutdown system will stop the compressor automatically due to low engine oil level and overheating of compressor.

Cleaning heat exchanger: Heat exchanger helps to reduce operating temperature from the compressor. That’s why clean the heat exchanger depending on it’s working efficiency to keep operating temperature down.

Ensure routine maintenance: Routine maintenance is most important for the compressor you used. Routine maintenance will be performed according to the manufacturer's manual. Regular or scheduled maintenance will enhance the equipment performance and efficiency.

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Compressor maintenance tips

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