Hydraulic jack and Different types of Hydraulic jack

Hydraulic jack

Hydraulic jack

Hydraulic jack is a mechanical device that used to lift heavy weight. It is most commonly used in Automobile industries to lift the vehicles from the ground. This is a kind of hydraulic car jack.

Pascal’s law applied to calculate the force of hydraulic jack. Hydraulic jacks are consists of two pistons inside the cylinder that mainly works for lifting the heavy weight. The bigger cylinder and small cylinder are connected together. The small piston forces the fluid to lift the big piston. Two ball valves work like a check valve that allow flow and stop flow while pumping.

Pressure = Force X Area

When a bar is inserted to handle socket and start pumping, the hydraulic fluid forces by piston and go through one-way valve and fluid force acting to the bottom of the bigger cylinder so the ram go upwards. And other valve is blocked so pressurized fluid can’t back until it unscrewed. This is how it works.

Components of hydraulic jacks

  • A reservoir
  • Pumps
  • Cylinder
  • Piston
  • Check valves or ball valves
  • Release valve.

Applications of hydraulic jacks

  • Lifting industrial heavy loads.
  • Lifting the car and vehicles for clamping.
  • Lifting or clamping machinery equipment’s.

Power source of Hydraulic jacks

  • Hand power
  • Air (Compressed)
  • Electric
  • Gas

Types of hydraulic jacks

  • Hydraulic jacks (Floor jack and bottle jack)
  • Scissor jacks
  • Hi-lift jack
  • Motorcycle jack.
  • Trolley jacks
Bottle jack and floor jack are most commonly used.

Bottle jack

Bottle jack name come from a milk bottle. Its rises weight with a vertical shaft that is pumped by a handle lever. Bottle jack are commonly used in automobile industries for lifting car. It is secured by a frame and simply using as free-standing helps to allow repositioning as per needed. The main advantages of bottle jack that it can seat into a small place.
Bottle jack

Floor jack

Floor jack shaft is operated horizontally. When the handle pushes downwards the jack lift the car upward. There are two types of floor jack one of them is mechanical floor jack and other one is hydraulic floor jack. The main advantages of Floor jack Is it can seat low to the ground and can operate speedy.
Mechanical floor jack is developed with screwing mechanism. Screw mechanism is used to lift the weight.
On the other hand, hydraulic floor jack is developed with check valves, cylinder piston to lift the weight.
Hydraulic jack price is vary depending on their size, lifting capacity and material.

Scissor jacks

Scissor jack is a small in size and easy to store. Turning the screw helps to lift up the weight. It is most commonly used to car and vehicle for changing the tires.

Hi-Lift jack

Hi-Lift jack is not for common vehicles and usually it is used in farming vehicles. Hi-Lift jack is designed by Bloomfield Manufacturing company 100 years back. Two climbing pins works alternatively into hi-jack lift, one pin holds the load and other one is freed and moved to next hole while rising. It can be harmful due to missing teeth and smashed fingers and you should know how to use it properly.

Motorcycle jack

Usually motorcycle jacks are often used to lift the motorcycle for cleaning and modification. It is developed for lifting the motorcycle safely and also used for lifting ATV 4 wheel style vehicles.

Trolley jacks

Trolley jack is developed to lift the vehicle and work under it to repair or regular maintenance. It is usually design to lift vehicle and hold into a safe position within a short period of time.
Basic hydraulic system components. Basic pneumatic system. Basic hydraulic components pneumatic system
Hydraulic jack
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