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A transfer ladle is a container used to carry and pour molten metal, from the furnace to the pouring unit. If you are planning to buy a transfer ladle for your company according to your needs, then you are at the right place. Today, we will tell you about the different types and functions of transfer ladles available in the market and the best ladle manufacturer in China – CHNZBTECH.


Transfer ladle is often used in foundries, and if it is small, it can be carried by hand in a container with a handle that resembles a kitchen ladle, and if it is large, it can carry up to 300 tons of molten metal in a steel mill. Many non-ferrous foundries use ceramic crucibles for transporting and pouring molten metal, which is also sometimes called ladle.


Transfer ladles can be roughly classified into the following three types.

·         Casting ladle

A casting ladle is a transfer ladle used to pour molten metal into a mold to make a casting.

·         Transport ladle

A transport ladle is a transfer ladle used to convey large amounts of molten metal from one process to another. Typically, a transfer ladle is used to convey the melt from the primary melting furnace to the holding furnace or automatic pouring unit.

·         Processing ladle

A processing ladle is a ladle used in processes that are carried out in the ladle to change some of the properties of the molten metal. A typical example is the conversion of cast iron into ductile iron by adding various elements to the transfer ladle.


Various modifications may be made to the basic design of these ladles to improve the ladle's utility for that particular practice. In addition, the common necessary functions are:

·         Possesses heat insulation properties so that heat is not released or radiated from molten metal.

·         Thermal insulation to prevent the surroundings from becoming hot and to maintain the safety of the surroundings. 

·         Strong enough to hold the heavy molten metal. 

·         Wear resistance and spalling resistance against molten metal. 

·         Heat resistance and strength of refractories such as blast furnaces. 

·         Ease of handling during pouring. 



Ladles are lined with a refractory lining unless they are used with alloys with very low melting points. It is to prevent the steel container from being damaged when transporting high-melting-point metals using a ladle. 

There are many different materials for refractory linings, and the correct choice is highly dependent on each foundry's practices. Traditionally, ladles were lined with refractory bricks before casting, but refractory concrete is replacing this in many countries.

Foundry ladles are usually valued more for their working capacity than for their physical size. A hand-held ladle has a long handle to keep the heat of the metal away from the person holding it. Its capacity is limited to what a person can safely handle. 

Large ladles are commonly called geared crane ladles. Its capacity is generally determined by the function of the ladle. A small hand-held ladle may be a crucible fitted with a carrier. However, the casting ladle found in most foundries is equipped with a hoisting device so that the container can be transported by overhead crane, monorail, etc., and is usually made of steel with a mechanism that rotates the container with a gearbox. The gearbox can be manually operated or power controlled.


Ladles are sometimes driven on wheels or on special ladle transfer cars, such as in steel mills, to transport very large quantities of molten metal. Others are transported suspended from overhead cranes and tilted using a separate hoisting device on the ceiling.


There are two types of pouring design of ladle: "lip pour tilting type" and "bottom pour bottom pouring type".

·        In the lip pour method, the molten metal is poured out by tilting the ladle, like pouring water from a jug.

·       The bottom pour type has a pour spout at the bottom of the ladle and a stopper rod inserted. For pouring metal, the stopper is vertical, allowing the metal to pour out the bottom of the ladle. To stop pouring, insert the stopper rod back into the drain port.

ladle manufacturer CHNZBTECH

Large ladles, such as those used in the steel industry, use a slide mouth below the tap hole.

Some ladles are open at the top, while others have a cover. Small ones are often open. However, for efficiency considerations, a lid seems necessary.

Those with covers (some of which can be removed) have dome-shaped lids to retain the radiant heat, allowing the heat to escape more slowly than the open-top types.

Small ladles often do not have a cover, but ceramic fiber cloth or the like can be substituted.


You can buy transfer ladle and other steel-making and ferroalloy equipment from CHNZBTECH CO., LTD which is china’s largest ladle manufacturing company. 

CHNZBTECH is located in XI ‘AN, China. Its products are not only sold in China but are also exported to other countries like Vietnam, Iran, and Southeast Asia. CHNZBTECH covers installation, design, manufacturing, and commissions special for steel-making equipment, integrated revamping, and upgrading of existing plants of steel-making companies. 

The customer base of CHNZBTECH 

Customers of CHNZBTECH vary from large steel plants to famous design institutes, such as JSPC of Japan, CERI, CISDI, WISDRI, and MGDRI. The company has also provided complete steelmaking equipment to many enterprises such as Hyundai steel company (300 tons LF), Iran Natanz steel company, and Vietnam TNC steel company. 

CHNZBTECH is also a qualified supplier of many enterprises like An Steel, Zenith, Shandong Shiheng, Tangshan Donghua, Tangshan Huafeng, and other iron and steel enterprises. 

Benefits of buying from CHNZBTECH 

By providing complete sets of equipment and spare parts to many companies, CHNZBTECH has won customers with excellent technical services. 

Buying transfer ladle and other steel-making equipment from CHNZBTECH will bring you the following benefits;

· State of the art design

· High operational availability

· Maintenance friendly

· Efficient and economical equipment 

How you can contact CHNZBTECH

The contact details of CHNZBTECH are as follows:

Address: Block A, Haibo square, 9th Fengcheng road, Xi’an, China


Phone: +86-15596648075

Fax: 029-89613639


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