Common Car Problems and how to avoid them

Common Car Problems

Common Car Problems

Car maintenance is very important to keep its functionality and enhance the lifetime of your car. If you get any mechanical problem you should solve it as fast as you can to avoid further engine problems.

Here we a couple of list of most common car problems

Engine overheating: Engine overheating is the most common reason for the car. Due to overheating the car engine it could be a major problem. The coolant plays an important role for cooling the engine by the radiator exchanges heat from the air.First reason can be the lubricants of your car are not sufficient or need more coolant to reduce engine heat. Coolant leakage is the main reason for the lack of sufficient coolant in the engine.

Dead starter: Battery and starter motor works at the same time to start the engine. Due to dead starter car will not start. There are two reasons it may not start your car, battery is dead  or the starter is failed. To ensure you should check the starter wiring connected with the starter and also check the loose connections. After all, you should replace the starter with a new one.

Dead battery: Battery is the power source to start the engine through the starter motor. The battery loses its life cycle generally after running 50,000 miles or five year old. Due to dead battery car stalls at any time. And in the morning the car will not start properly. If the battery is ok you could check the alternator.

Alternator problem: Car battery charged by the alternator. Due to the alternator problem, the car will not start and your car can stop anywhere in the road. There are some common problems found like battery problems, electrical failures and unusual problems that happen to the engine  due to the alternator problem.

Engine noise: Creating noise from the engine is the sign of a problem. Good engine should be silent or quiet. Sometimes the engine creates rattlings, knocking and splattering which are the results of the trouble. For the internal combustion engine both of air and fuel need to mix accurately otherwise the engine will be running lean or rich. Splattering and misfire caused these issues.

Bearings of wheel: During higher speed you will hear a sound from the wheel bearing at the time you are turning the wheel in the right or left on the road. If the sound changes you will be confirmed that the bearings of the wheel is bad. That's why to enhance the car performance you should change the bearing as soon as possible.

Radiator leakage: Radiator leakage could be another reason for car problems. If you noticed that your engine is overheated you should inspect the radiator leakage. If you find any leakage in the radiator it will overheat your engine. So as soon as possible repair or change the radiator for better functionality of your engine and car.

Faulty brake pads: Drivers always should check the brake pad before starting the safe journey. If brake pad damage it is very dangerous to drive on the road. Brake pad will be gone due to friction and produces a sound like squeaking, thus drivers press the brake hard to stop the car. If you notice that the brake pad is worn out, you should change as soon as possible.

Spark plug: Spark plug is the most common and important component of the car. Spark plugs ignite in the air and fuel mixture in the combustion chamber and make energy. If spark plug fails and creates misfire which reduces performance. Due to the dirty spark plug it will impact the millage. A failure spark plug makes the engine sound rough during idling. Also the damaged spark plug will lower the car speed. So it should be necessary to change the spark plug as soon as possible.

These are the common problems above for the car. Without these there also common problems can happen like oil pressure problem, shaky steering wheel, stalling, Poor fuel efficiency, smoke goes out from the exhaust and many more.

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