How does car brake works? Common components of car brake

Common components of car brake

How does car brake works

The purpose of the braking system is to slow down the vehicle when needed. When you press the brake pedal,spinning wheel speed will reduce proportionally with the pressure applied to the pedal.Two types of braking system is used to the vehicle drum braking system and disc braking system. 

Hybrid cars use a power braking system to reduce the vehicle speed as needed. Power braking systems use hydraulic technology and it is easier to control brakes for the drivers.There are also mechanical braking systems to the car which use the cable connected to the brake pedal with brake shoes assembly together. common components of car brake

Common components of car brake

We will discuss both disc and drum brake system components. Vehicle used only one type of brake system, not both systems used at once. Below is the list of brake components

Brake disc (Disc brake): Brake disc is the most important component of the braking system. Discs are usually made with steel discs. Brake pad is pressed against the rotor and creates friction thus it slow down the disc.This is how it slow down the car or vehicle. 

Brake shoe (Drum brake): Brake shoe is a kind of curved shaped and metal friction plates pressed inside the brake drum to stop or slow down the car. Disc brake is more powerful than drum brake. But it’s manufacturing cost is lower than disc brakes. 

Brake drums(Drum brake): Some cars or vehicles used drum brakes to their braking system into the rear wheels. Usually the drum is thicker than disc and all components like spring,brake shoes and mechanical components are mounted inside the housing. 

Brake pads (Disc brake): Brake pad and caliper make friction to reduce the speed of the vehicle.  If the brake pad becomes thin the braking capability is reduced. Worn brake pads are very harmful and damage the rotor. 

Master cylinder: Master cylinder creates the hydraulic pressure and applied to the brake caliper at the wheel. A vehicle uses two cylinders in a single unit and it control two front wheels at once.Due to sudden failure of one cylinder then another cylinder can stop or slow down the car.This master cylinder works proportionally with the hydraulic pressure applied to hydraulic fluid.  

Brake booster: Brake booster helps to reduce the vehicle speed with more ease than normal braking system. It boosts the foot pressure and helps the vehicle driver to control the vehicle easily. 

Brake pedal: Brake pedal is also known as foot pedal.To reduce the car or vehicle speed first driver press the brake pedal. After pressing the brake pedal it converts the mechanical power to the braking system. 

Anti lock sensor: Anti lock sensor is used to check the braking power of the vehicle.This sensor transmits the both wheel speed to the ECM. If one wheel speed is lower or higher then this ECM system equals the wheel speed through the braking system. 

Brake lines: Brake lines are fluid transfer lines between wheel and master cylinder. Hydraulic fluid goes through the brake lines.  

These are the Common components of car brake

Brake repair

Car or auto brake repair is the most important part of vehicle servicing or maintenance. Be sure your brake is up to date which provides you the safe journey and your vehicle will run smoothly on the road. If the vehicle owner not serviced their brake and continues to drive the vehicle, here are some issues with the brakes and it may lead to the accident and uncomfortable journey. That’s why if you get noticed that brakes are creating annoying vibration,loud screeching sounds you should service the brake as soon as possible. 

Sign of bad brakes

  • You should be more careful while pressing the brake and check the vibration level of the vehicle. This is the sign of bad brakes. 
  • Noise is another reason for bad brakes. You will get noticed for noise brakes from deep rumbles or grinding sounds,shrill squeals and loud clicks. It can happen due to loss of brake fluid, brake pad is worn and for scored rotors. Basic hydraulic system Components of hydraulic system What is hydraulic system basic pneumatic system types of pumps

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