Types of drive belt? 1.Serpentine belt 2. Drive belt 3. Timing belt

Types of drive belt

Car engine consist of a couple of mechanical parts delivering power As an example:i) Alternator delivering electric power ii) Water pump is cooling your engine iii) Power steering pump helps to drive easily iv) Air conditioner compressor helps to cool the air inside the car.Types of drive belt

These mechanical parts are using drive belt to work. Mainly it transmit power between different types of engine components. Belt transmit power by using the friction between pulley and belts. Due to loose belts can create the poor transmission between the components.

What is a drive belt on a car?

A drive belt is a belt which transmit power between mechanical components in car or vehicle to keep running the full system.

These types of belt are the most widely used in car or vehicle are:-

  1. Serpentine belt
  2. Drive belt
  3. Timing belt

    Serpentine belts
    Serpentine belt

Serpentine belt: This belt is modern type of belt with v-ribbed along one side. This belts look much thinner in appearance, flexible and easier to bends that’s why it moves and wrap around small parts inside the engine.  It performs vital operation in your car. It runs many system at once in your vehicle including power steering, alternator water pump and air conditioner compressor. Due to brake of this belt you vehicle will must be stop to run. This belt is easy to remove, just you need to adjust the tensioner to remove it.

Due to failing of Serpentine belt accessories and mechanical parts will not work properly. Causes can be cracking, stripping and contamination or poor belt tension.


V-Belt: Drive belts are also known as V-belt and most found in older vehicles. Due to their tapered teeth it is called V-belt. V-belts transmit power between one or two components as an example power steering, radiator and water pump. V-belts are thicker than serpentine belts.

Due to failing of v-belts it will squeak and accessories may not work properly. Causes can be fluid contamination.

Timing belt
Timing belt

Timing belt: This belt is also called camshaft drive belt. It is made with rubber and helps to run camshaft, and also opens and close engine valves synchronously with pistons. Older version vehicles used timing chain instead of timing belts.

Due to failing of timing belt your vehicle might create slapping sound from motor compartment and components will not work properly and valves and piston may damage seriously. Causes can be slipping, fluid contamination and wear.

How much does it cost to replace a drive belt?

The timing belt replacement cost will depend on the vehicle model, size and design. Approximately cost of timing belt replacement is about 110 $ to 200 $

How do you know if your drive belt is bad?

Bad driving belts symptom’s are:-

  • Squealing sound
  • No air conditioning
  • No power in steering
  • Engine overheating
  • Cracks in the belt

 Types of drive belt

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