What is pallet Jack? Manual pallet jack,Electric pallet jack and Ride on Pallet jack

Pallet jack

What is pallet Jack?

Pallet jack known as a different name like pallet truck, pump truck and pallet trolley. It is a wheeled type truck that is developed to lift and transport palletised loads and it is also a basic form of forklift. Pallet truck are most commonly used in Automotive industries, Storerooms,warehouse and material handling areas. Pallet jacks saves time and manpower for material handling.
Pallet jacks weight capacity is different based on their applications and designed. Should not carry excessive loads in pallet truck which may affect the pallet truck to damage.The jack lever works like a pump for raising the jack. When small handle pressed hydraulic fluid release and forks get down.Pallet truck system is most often equipped with a pump,forks,steer wheels, Load wheels,function handle,main handle and lifting mechanism.

Types of pallet jack and classification

There are three types of pallet jacks used in industries and warehouse for transportation or moving loaded goods. They are discussed below

Manual pallet truck
Manual pallet truck

Manual pallet jacks are simple and easy to use and it is the cheapest type of jack and load capacity is approximately 5500 Lbs. A hydraulic pump is connected with handle that helps for pumping and lifting materials. The main advantages of this jack that can easily fit to carry the loads and also it is small in size and lightweight. It is always used to carry the loads in a short distance.

Electric pallet jack
Electric pallet jack

To enhance the efficiency and operation electric pallet lift is used for lifting and transporting goods. Electric pallet trucks are powered by a rechargeable battery. Some control buttons are used to control for lifting and lowering the loads. This type of pallet jacks are more powerful than manual pallet jacks. It’s also saves time and can carry more loads.

Ride on pallet truck
Ride on pallet truck

Rider on pallet jacks size is bigger than manual and electric pallet truck. There is a platform connected to the jack where rider can stand and operate the jack instead of walking behind the jack. Rider jack can carry load within a big distance and typically used in manufacturing industries and warehouse.

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