How to repair a hydraulic cylinder? Common causes of hydraulic cylinder leaks?

How to repair hydraulic cylinder

Hydraulic cylinder is one of the most important equipment of hydraulic system. Hydraulic cylinder is a type of actuator that handle linear motion of hydraulic machinery. When cylinder damages or leakage usually we get low performance that’s why we need to repair or maintenance of hydraulic cylinder for continual process operation.

The sign of your cylinder that needs repair

Scratches around bore: If scratches found inside the cylinder bore that must need to repair the cylinder. This happens from sideload and dirty hydraulic oil.

Chrome shaft cracking: If chrome shaft surface is not smooth or found cracks it is essential to change the chrome shaft. Due to chrome shaft cracking wiper or dust seal damage frequently.

Low pressure or less performance: When you notice your cylinder can’t create required pressure as needed then have to think your cylinder needs to repair.

Cylinder base damage: Due to overload cylinder base can be inflated, burst and deformed. That’s why it should apply 80% of rated load and capacity.

Rods are bended: If the nickel shaft finish is not uniform around all the way it might be the rod is bent that’s why it needs to be replace.

Cylinder damaged are visible: When you will see the cylinder damage are visible than you can take necessary action depending on damage types.

Seal damage: If seal damaged are visible around chrome shaft where cylinder stroke are performed.

Seal fails prematurely: If seals frequently changed is a large issue and it’s more expensive for fixing. Seal fails prematurely for some reasons like If hydraulic cylinder rod seal fails early, shaft rod bent, missing chrome nickel or damaged.
Cylinder components that need repairing

Piston seal: Piston seals are defective when it is distorted during operation or long time run. It is very difficult and costly to change barrel instead of piston seal that’s why it is easy to replace the piston instead of barrel and less costly.

Rod seal: Rod seals are also known as wiper seal or dust seals. If any damage or leakage found around the wiper seal it needs to change urgently.

Piston: When piston seal, magnetic seal, O-rings and piston block surface damage it might need change new piston or repair it in workshop workshop.

Cylinder bore: Due to long time run, excessive temperature, Dirty oil which damages the cylinder bore surface. If no big cracks found just use Series paper to smoother the bore surface and test the cylinder in working or not. If not work try use round surfacing works inside bore area if possible.

Why cylinder damage frequently?

Improper seal installation: During purchase a new seal according to reference of old seals that will not fix accurately with the cylinder. The most effective solution for installing proper seal for avoiding mistake is to measure seal groves. Improper installation of seal cause oil leaks and withstand less pressure than usual.

Maximum load: When cylinder operates in Overload condition some damages might happen like welded area cracks, Seal damage and oil leakage founds.

Oil contamination: Due to oil contamination cylinder bore surface is damaged in resulting the efficiency of the cylinder gradually decreases.

High temperature: High temperature is another main reason of damaging seals that leads to various malfunction of cylinder.

Cylinder material: Choosing the right material plays a crucial role in the overall lifespan and effectiveness of the cylinder. Good material enhances working efficiency and reduce frequent maintenance.

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