Basic hydraulic system and how does hydraulic system work?

Basic hydraulic system

What is a basic hydraulic system?

The important role of a basic hydraulic system is to convert the electrical power to mechanical power. Hydraulic systems use incompressible oil or fluid as medium to transfer energy from one equipment to another. Hydraulic system is safe,economical and safe. It has many advantages like quicker operation, higher controlling accuracy and ease of control.Basic hydraulic system 

The basic hydraulic system works according to Pascal's law that declared that Pressure exerted anywhere upon enclosed liquid is transmitted undiminished to all directions into the interior of a container. According to these principles it allows large forces to be generated with little effort.

how does hydraulic system work

The working of a simple hydraulic system is to start with the hydraulic pump that sucks fluid from the tank and ends at the actuator.
A basic hydraulic system consists of components are listed below:
  • Reservoir 
  • Electrical motor/Engine
  • Hydraulic pump: Three types of pumps are commonly used in hydraulic system
     a) Fixed displacement pump
     b) Variable displacement pump
     c) Hand pump: Hand pump is manual operating pump. it can be foot or hand
  • Hydraulic cylinder
  • Directional control valves-Check valves,Spool directional control valve
  • Pressure control valves- Pressure relief valves,Pressure reducing valves,Sequence valves, Counterbalance valve.
  • Flow control valves.
  • Pressure gauge.
  • Oil cooler/Heat exchanger

    components of hydraulic system

Types of hydraulic system

Open hydraulic system: To the open hydraulic system hydraulic fluid comes from the pump and travels to the devices and finally returns to the tank. A relief valve is also available to the hydraulic circuit to return the excess pressure to the tank.

Closed hydraulic system:
In a closed hydraulic system a return valve directly connected to the pump inlet. To the closed system hydraulic fluid passes continuously between pump and actuator. A small reservoir can be added to the closed loop system. It can work with less fluids in small hydraulics lines.

How does hydraulic system work?

Motor or engine is connected to the hydraulic pump shaft which rotates and creates fluid pressure. Directional control valves are used to redirect pressurized fluids to the system and to control actuators as needed. Fluid pressure controlled by the pressure control valve for different types of application depending on their requirement and working condition. During hydraulic systems are operational conditions,the system creates excess pressure and relief valves unloading the excess pressure to keep the system safe.

Work cycle for basic hydraulic system

Motor/Engine>Filters>Fluids>Directional valve/Pressure control valve/Check valve/accumulator>actuators>Relief valve>Fluid>Tank

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