Hydraulic system overheating reasons I Selecting good pump forhydraulic system

Hydraulic system overheating reasons

Hydraulic system overheating reasons

  • Relief valve setting in closer to compensator.
  • Heat exchanger line is closed
  • Misalignment of installed equipment's and it is the cause of excessive noise and overheat of the system.
  • Due to wrong fluids selection for hydraulic unit.
  • Unloading valve pressure set to high.
  • Pump reverse rotation
  • Oil viscosity too much high and temperature is less than desired temperature.
  • Pump operating with higher speed than require or manufacturers guide.
  • Air leakage around the pump shaft seal
  • Low oil level in hydraulic power unit tank.
  • Too much air bubbles in the suction area.
  • Suction line is narrow
  • Suction filter is dirty or it is too small
  • Pump is not fitted tightly

Some maintenance are require to avoid hydraulic system overheating:

Power unit regular maintenance

  • Motor should be lubricant as per the guidance according to motor manufacturer.
  • Clean the filters or change it as per requirement.
  • Clean suction strainer after every 10 hours operation.
  • Always check the oil level of the reservoir. And check the oil level after first running 100 hours. And also change the oil after 1000 to 2000 hours running and consider the environment and application of uses.

Hydraulic pump failing reasons

There are some reasons of hydraulic pump failure. A couple of reason are listed below
  • Fluid level is low in hydraulic tank or reservoir
  • Suction line air leakage
  • Shaft of hydraulic pump turning slowly
  • High viscosity oil
  • Shaft rotation is wrong
  • Internal parts broken of pump
  • Dirty Oil
  • Dirt in the pump
  • Delivery is variable types

Solenoid valves get damaged due to some reasons

  • Low voltage is the problem to complete the full stroke of solenoid that's why it may burn out.
  • Open connection and short circuit may damage the solenoid valves
  • If voltage too high the valves coil may be burn out
  • If spool is too many tights to move forward and backward it may be burn due to not completed the full stroke.
  • Bad electric contact may not supply required current to the solenoid coil in resulting burn out.
  • Low voltage is the another reason for solenoid valve damage

Selecting good pump for hydraulic system

Before selecting a hydraulic pump typically two types consideration should be follow
  1. Technical aspects
  2. Commercial aspects

Technical aspects

  • Fluid type and specification: Before selecting  a pump should consider the fluid type and its specifications.
  • Sealing's are needed:  Seals are most important for the pump so always think the availability of the seal. If leakage then should change instantly.
  • Efficiency: Always select the energy efficient pump because it can reduce harmful effects and also saves the electric bill.
  • Driver: Always should think about the driver how pump will get powered and it can be Engine,motor or turbines.

Commercial aspects

  • Efficiency: Efficiency is also the commercial aspects. Energy efficient pumps saves higher amount of energy. So it should consider the efficiency before selecting a pump.
  • Maintenance cost: Always select good quality pump otherwise bad quality pump will increase downtime and maintenance cost in resulting organization will loss their profit.
  • Capital cost: If anyone purchase big size pump and unnecessary equipment with the pump resulting a large amount of cost will be added to the end user.

Hydraulic system overheating reasons

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