What is maintenance? Types of maintenance I Preventive maintenance I Corrective maintenance

types of maintenance

Maintenance is the couple of tasks that are applied to the machine to reduce unwanted breakdown or failure due to malfunctions. Maintenance can be done before the machine failure or after the failure based on different circumstances and environment. 
Types of maintenance

Purpose of maintenance

The main purpose of maintenance is to ensure the 100% efficiency of the machine. Regular maintenance like cleaning, adjusting, lubricating and inspection which reduce the breakdown time and probability of failure and also enhance the efficiency of machine equipment.
types of maintenance

Classification of Maintenance (Types of Maintenance)

There are main two categories of maintenance
  1. Planned maintenance 
  2. Unplanned maintenance

Planned maintenance

  1. Preventive maintenance 
  2. Corrective maintenance 

Unplanned maintenance

  1. Emergency maintenance 

Planned maintenance

Planned maintenance is a type of scheduled maintenance.The purpose of planned maintenance is to enhance the machine equipment performance,reduce breakdown time and to keep it strong and safe for a long time. As an example, Changing the vehicle engine oil after a certain period of time. Planned maintenance is usually performed by the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Usually Planned maintenance depend on
  • Machine or Equipment running hours 
  • Amount of Production
  • Traveling distance etc. 

-Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance to be done regularly or monthly to reduce the machine failure in case of any sudden malfunctions. 

Types of Preventive maintenance

  1. Time/schedule based maintenance: Lubricating,inspection, Servicing, Cleaning, Adjusting and components replacement. 
  2. Condition based maintenance: It can be Periodic, continuous and On demand maintenance. 

Advantages (Benefits of planned maintenance/Benefits of preventive maintenance/Benefits of maintenance)

  1. Components lifetime increased and major repairs are reduced. 
  2. Machine failure decreases
  3. Regular maintenance allows more flexibility. 
  4. Energy savings etc. 


  1. Some tasks are not necessary but recommended. 
  2. It may damage other components. 
  3. Sudden preventive maintenance is time consuming and costly. 

-Corrective maintenance

Corrective maintenance is also known as breakdown maintenance and it is done when machine failure is occurred.The purpose of corrective maintenance is to restore failure of machines or any individual equipment or full system to an operational condition.Corrective maintenance can be planned or unplanned maintenance.

Types of maintenance

There are two types of corrective maintenance 

Immediate-corrective maintenance: The task which is done immediately after machine failure is called Immediate-corrective maintenance.

Deferred-Corrective maintenance: Deferred corrective maintenance takes a bit of time and is completed by following a set of maintenance rules. 


  1. Less maintenance cost
  2. No need for more technicians. 
  3. Reduce injury
  4. Extend equipment lifetime. 


  1. Increase manpower cost
  2. Cost increases due to equipment repair and replacement
  3. Unplanned stopping the machine cost increases. 

Unplanned maintenance

Emergency maintenance is unplanned maintenance.if needed immediate restoration of machine due to failure, unplanned or emergency maintenance is performed to the machine an operational condition.

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