Hydraulic cooling system and Types of hydraulic cooling system

Hydraulic Cooling system

Hydraulic Cooling system

Heat damages the hydraulic system. Due to reduce the heat and protect the hydraulic system that's why oil coolers are used in mobile and industrial applications. Oil cooler optimize the temperature of hydraulic system and keeps oil in a safe temperature .If temperature keeps in limited ranges, components efficiency and lifetime is increased. 

Hydraulic system uses two types of cooling system

  • Air cooler
  • Water cooler

Air cooler

Air cooler

Air cooler that removes heat throwing a cold air over the heat exchanger coil.Fluid enters to the inlet of air cooler and its circulate inside the heat exchanger coil and goes out to outlet port. During circulation of fluid air flow going through the heat exchanger and dissipate the heat. The main benefits of air cooled system is low cost and simple maintenance. Hydraulic cooling system

Air-cooled system generate more noise and require fresh air and cooling capacity always depend on Environment temperature. 

Air cooler consist of some body parts is listed below:- 

1. Heat exchanger
2. Metal casing
3. Axial fan
4. Motor
5. Protecting grid
6. Mounting feet 

Water cooler Hydraulic cooling system

Water cooler

Water cooler use a separated barrier between water and fluid to remove the heats. Water cooler most commonly used in industrial machinery and applications. Water cooler removes more heats that air cooler.

Ambient temperature does not affect to the cooling efficiency where air cooler is affect by the ambient temperature. Water cooler require clean water. Due to dirty water supply water cooler lost cooling efficiency.Continuous water supply is more expensive. 

Water cooler consist of some body parts is below:-

1. Shell
2. Tubes
3. Baffles
4. Water inlet & Outlet port
5. Oil Port
6. Feet mounting
7. Flange

Hydraulic cooling system

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