What is hoist? Types of hoist and hoist components

What is hoist

What is hoist

Hoist is a lifting device that uses for lifting or lowering materials by rope or chain wraps with advance mechanism system or lifting hook. Hoist operated electrically, pneumatically or hydraulically with chain wraps or ropes.We will be discussed what is hoist? Types of hoist and hoist components.  

The most commonly used hoist is electrically power hoist that is used rope or chain for lifting medium.

According to the operation of hoist

According to operation hoist are classified into two main types

1.Manual Hoist
2.Powered Hoist

Manual hoist

Manual hoist
Manual hoist is a device that operated with hand chains for lifting medium. There are two chains in manual hoist, Lifting or lowering chain and load chain that supports the load. As an example chain hoist. The main advantages of uses manual hoist is Low initial cost and Easy to transport.
On the other hand it has some disadvantages like:-
  • Need more muscle effort to lift heavier loads
  • Need many times to lifting the loads. 
  • Sometimes tears the chains for overloads. 

-Chain hoist

Chain hoist

Chain hoist are most commonly used in construction and automobile works. Chain hoist are consisted chain rope,base & pulley for lifting loads.

Powered hoist

Powered hoist are operated by electric, pneumatic and hydraulic. It is more powerful and heavier than manual hoist.As an example electric chain hoist.  The main advantages are:-
  • Large load lifting capacity
  • Faster lifting capability
  • Can control remotely 
  • Time saving 
There are some powered hoist is listed below
  • Boom hoist
  • Electric hoist 
  • Gasoline hoist
  • Hydraulic hoist
  • Platform hoist

Boom hoist

Boom hoist

Boom hoist is also known as boom crane and its boom fixed to the base that can move on its axis. It is used for lifting loads with hooks using wire ropes. boom hoist are most commonly used to handle industrial material as loads on container.

Electric hoist
Electric hoist

Electric hoist are more advanced type of hoist that can works faster than chain hoist and boom hoist. It can carry more loads at a time and saves the labor cost. The gear set and mechanism is same as the other hoist and a difference is that it is used electric motor for lifting loads. 

Gasoline hoist 

Gasoline hoist

A gasoline engine is used to operate this hoist. Fuel is using to run gasoline engine. It is portable type hoist and too much costly and need frequent maintenance. 

Hydraulic hoist 
Hydraulic hoist

Hydraulic hoist are most commonly used in automobile industries for lifting cars for wash. Hydraulic hoist is powered from hydraulic system. 

Platform hoist

Platform hoist are installed in a horizontal axis platform. Advance braking system is used for sudden power failure to stop the hoist at any time. It is installed in the side of the building. 

Components of Hoist (Electric)

Motor: Lifting motor is constructed with electromagnetic brake that works automatically for sudden power failure. Motors are made with preciously. It’s carried the lifting loads. 

Gearbox:  Helical teeth gears installed in gearbox and made with high precision and gears stands long life. Motor driven is connected directly with gearbox without having any couplings. Gears are always lubricated by an oil reservoir. 

Drum: Drum is made by seamless steel tube having with some grooves around it. This groove guides the rope while turning the drum and drum is directly connected to the gearbox via spline shaft.

Rope guide: Rope guide helps the rope when it packed up during turning the drum that’s why it may not uncoil while hoist is in unloaded condition. 

Hook block: The load hangs on the hook. Hock rotating angle is 360 degrees and it has a safety latch.  

Controller: Hoist consist of a controller that helps to operate the hoist properly. There are some buttons on it and also have an emergency button.  

Advantages of hoist: 

  1. Hoist can be reinstall or re fitted for higher lifting. 
  2. Comparable maintenance cost is low.
  3. Easy to carry and transport in different places. 
  4. Compaq in size. 
  5. Low risk for injury. 

Application of hoist:

Hoist are most widely used in Automotive industries, Chemical industries, Marine, steel mills and manufacturing. 


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